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Cheng Na, 34, served as a judge for nine years before being reclassified as a judicial officer in the first round of selection for judges. In the second round, she was appointed as a judge specializing in administrative cases at Beijing No 4 Intermediate People"s Court.

In 2014, when I heard that the judicial reform would limit the number of judges, I realized that I might not be selected, despite having served as a judge for nine years.

I have always agreed with the aim of the reform, which is to make judges more professional, and improve the quality of case hearings. However, I was still upset and anxious when I was not chosen in the first round of selections.

I remember the day I left the judge"s chair and began work as a judicial assistant, providing case materials to the judges who had been selected. My emotions are hard to describe, but for a time, I felt lost when I watched the new judges at work.

Under the reform, only 120,000 of 210,000 judicial officers are allowed to hear cases, while the rest work as judicial assistants who are responsible for providing case materials, or as court clerks.

I was delighted when I was informed that the first selection had not satisfied the quota, and I still had an opportunity to be a judge.

Although I was not informed when the second round of selection started, I started working with real passion because I knew that even if I was not selected to become a judge, I was young and had to move on.

In 2015, I helped judges to deal with more than 120 cases, providing them with materials and documents, and last year, I was asked to handle administrative affairs in our tribunal.

September was my lucky month. I was selected for the judges" quota and picked up my gavel again to hear administrative cases. Everything seemed familiar, but strange. I felt a little nervous and pressured when I returned to my old role.

I have experienced a lot during the reform process. I am grateful, because the change made me realize how much I love my work and how judges shoulder huge responsibility.

Now, I understand the job better and cherish every moment.