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Wang Handong, 50, sheep farmer from Tongjijuan village

I was fortunate to have bought insurance for 400 sheep last year, because 20 died.

The compensation was enough to add 12 more to my flock.

The policy - which I first bought in 2013 - was rolled out by the Yanchi government in partnership with insurance companies as part of the county"s flagship measures to support poor farmers.

The annual premium for each sheep is 36 yuan ($5.30), but I only have to pay 10 percent. The rest is paid by the county government.

I began raising Tan sheep in 2000, and I had about 100 then.

However, I found that as my flock expanded, a growing number of sheep died as a result of cross infection.

At the peak I lost about 80 sheep in one year. That resulted in a loss of 700,000 yuan, which was a heavy blow to my business at the time.

Thankfully, the insurance has helped minimize such risks in recent years.

As far as I know, Yanchi also provides insurance to compensate for fluctuations in the price of lamb, and offers medical cover for less-wealthy residents.

Nearly every impoverished family has bought this sort of cover with the government"s help.

Wang Handong spoke with Li Lei and Hu Dongmei.

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