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Citizens show support for Hong Kong Police during a public assembly at Admiralty, July 20, 2019. [PHOTO/CHINA DAILY]

HONG KONG - Hong Kong Police said it would not tolerate any invasion into the privacy of its personnel following online leakage of personal information of police officers and their families.

Police emphasized that attempts to leak illegally obtained personal information of personnel and their families could be construed as "access to computer with primal or dishonest intent" and "criminal intimidation" or held in breach of "Personal Data and Privacy Ordinance".

In a video released by the police force Thursday night, Superintendent Louis Lau Siu-pong said since June 9, the personal data of more than 1,200 officers and their families had been leaked online. Leaked personal information included phone numbers, addresses and ID numbers.

Soon after, gates of officers" housing estates were plastered with insults and threats. Some even misused officers personal data for illegally obtaining loans from moneylenders.

Lau said the harassment did not stop there with photos of officers and their young children splashed online with even school information shared. Some netizens also claimed to have picked up a few children from schools in a further bid to unnerve the parents.

On social media, users blatantly incited others to kill police officers and hurt their children, making officers live in fear every day.

Lau also shared latest information about upcoming public events in Kowloon and Hong Kong Island scheduled from Friday to Sunday, saying that police were vetting each application.

Regarding a public meeting in Chater Garden scheduled Friday night, police have issued the Letter of No Objection.

Regarding a public event in Anchor Street, Mong Kok on Saturday, and another in Forbes Street Temporary Playground, Western district on Sunday, police do not object to public meetings but object to subsequent public processions.

Both processions will need to go through crowded narrow roads packed with pedestrians and vehicles. Police said if violent clashes broke out after the meetings, it could become very difficult for officers to enforce the law. Police have no objection to a public meeting and procession in Po Tsui Park, Tsung Kwan O.

Police emphasized they respected the citizens" freedom to participate in protests and processions and made it clear that select applications for public order events were turned down solely based on considerations for public safety and public order.

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